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Just what Girls Over 50 Wish In a Man

When you’re over 50, the assumption is that your wishes and requirements change and mature, but once it comes to dating and relationships is this really real? By 50 you had a couple of relationships already, you have learned all about that which you would and do not like an additional individual, and possibly you have also learned what is actually important to you and what it takes to cause you to pleased in a relationship. But as we discover these items how can they alter whatever you look for in someone else?

To get some answers, we considered the
popular dating internet site Zoosk
. They experience over 2,645,930 users and 234,688,001 emails observe what men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and up are searching for in another person. They unearthed that

what males wish in a women

does change some as they have older—older guys place more give attention to connections and worth love and love much more as they age. And from now on this is the females change!

Wanting to know exactly what women over 50 are searching for in a person? Here’s what we discovered:

Leading Qualities Females Desire in a person



sincere truthful honest
make fun of ideal enjoyable
laughter fun laugh
sort make fun of humor
family members laughter sort
amusing sort spontaneity
nurturing sense of humor commitment
sense of humor funny household
relationship caring loving
kids family caring
devoted adoring pleased
enjoying have some fun intimate
look laid back nice
happy down-to-earth smile
create myself have a good laugh closest friend vacation
significant vacation intelligent
passionate guy gentleman

Check Out key takeaways…

Women of all ages wish someone truthful and type

Tim McGraw must be onto something because when you are considering internet dating, constantly getting sincere and sort will definitely provide much. In the same manner it is with guys, women of any age number


as one of their particular leading qualities. Unlike men, however, every age-group of women pointed out


more often than all other trait when explaining whatever they’re looking for. Also,


was actually popular characteristic for age-group. For women in their 30s and who happen to be 50 and more mature it had been the fifth most well known term, and also for feamales in their own 40s it actually was sixth.

lesbian dating older women can be wanting a gentleman

Women who tend to be 40 and older mention desiring your


when explaining which they truly are in search of, while those who work in their unique 30s worth different traits more. Probably as ladies become older they have had adequate encounters to price a person that knows ways to be careful and considerate unlike a lot more fun-loving and laid back.

a loving companion becomes more crucial as you get earlier

Another fascinating choosing is that,
similar to men
, females of various age groups have an interest in finding a


companion but how crucial it really is becomes more vital with age.


could be the 13th top attribute for females in their 30s, the 11th for females inside their 40s, and 9th for women over 50.

All women love a great spontaneity

Just as the guys, women of every age group mention


or a

love of life

as a premier trait. And males just who know how to have a good

make fun of

or could make a women

make fun of

tend to be prominent also.

Females over 50 wish someone wonderful

Unlike women in their particular 30s and 40s, one word that keeps showing up for ladies over 50 is


It might appear like certain, but once when compared with other traits that more youthful ladies mention more often it stands apart.

After exploring what women who over 50 require several things become obvious—women of various age groups wish one who’s honest and kind, who they are able to also provide a good time and make fun of with. (Which is quite great, because most of the time its

exactly what guys want

as well.) When it comes to females over 50, but there are a few small distinctions. They may be a lot more dedicated to trying to find a gentleman and want someone that’s wonderful over a person who’s easy-going or down to earth.